Ventilator Management

  Setting up the Ventilator PRIOR to intubation should be part of the Pre-Intubation Checklist procedure Ventilator settings will vary depending on the clinical scenario, patient and pathology. This QUICK  REFERENCE  SHEET (PDF HERE) is designed to guide the initial ventilator settings for most ED Resuscitation scenarios.   The theory behind Ventilator Management can be…

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Printable algorithms for the Initial Management of Asthma in the ED Initial Management of Acute SEVERE / Life threatening Asthma – all ages. **Contact specialist / ETS service early if patient meets criteria.** Management of ADULT Asthma in ED (PDF) Management of Paediatric Asthma in ED (PDF) Steroid therapy in ED for acute asthma (National Asthma Handbook)…

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Pneumonia is a common infection.  Consider this diagnosis in patients presenting with sepsis, chest pain or dyspnoea.  It is also a common secondary problem in patients with chronic lung disease. Clinical examination may suggest pneumonia however, it is too insensitive to exclude the diagnosis. Imaging of the chest is required to diagnose and detect complications…

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