Printable algorithms for the Initial Management of Asthma in the ED
Initial Management of Acute SEVERE / Life threatening Asthma - all ages.
**Contact specialist / ETS service early if patient meets criteria.**
Management of ADULT Asthma in ED (PDF)
Management of Paediatric Asthma in ED (PDF)
Steroid therapy in ED for acute asthma (National Asthma Handbook)
Age 6 years to adult: Give oral PREDNISOLONE at initial dose of 2 mg/kg (to max. of 50 mg)
Age 5 years and under - reserve steroids for children with asthmatic wheeze, NOT for simple viral-induced wheeze
Asthma Action Plans (Print & complete these for discharged patients)
Paediatric Asthma Action Plan (Sydney Children's Hospital)
Aboriginal (NT) Asthma Action Plan
Generic / Adult Action Plan (National Asthma Council)
LINK:  National Asthma Council Clinical Handbook & Guidelines